And We Have A Winner…s!

Because I was so blown away by the awesome response to my little blog giveaway, everybody that left a comment on my Giveaway post gets an ephemera pack!

“…you getta pack…and you gettta pack…and you getta pack…lol!

It will take me a couple of days to put 7 extra ephemera packs together. So in the meantime, all of you that left a comment can start to email your addresses to me. My “email button” is at the top right hand corner.

Whoa! 2020 flashback!

Okay, I’m done fooling around! Everybody get on to sending your addresses, and I’ll get back to work!

Thank you so much for participating,

Talk to you soon,


20 thoughts on “And We Have A Winner…s!

  1. I received your wonderful package today!!! It was so cool to go to the mailbox at my new house and find a present waiting for me. Thank you so so much!!


  2. I got my “prize” today and I’m totally blown away by everything you packed in!! Thank you so much, Patty!!!


  3. Hi! So did I comment? I can’t recall. This looks so familiar to me, but the brain is having trouble lately!!! 😉


  4. I am so excited!!! I enter these giveaways and never win, and now I can’t say that anymore. I’m moving into my new (to me) house on July 10th and that’s the address I sent you. What a wonderful welcome home gift this will be. Thank you so much for your generosity!!!


  5. whhhhhat? am i reading this right? everyone who left a comment wins!?! for real? “you getta pack and you and you?” wowza Patty!!! that just made my day…night, since i just now saw the email before calling it a day-lol how very generous and wonderful of YOU! i think you might already have my address but i can send it again if i need to. thank you so much-your ephemera goodies are over the top delicious!!! i had to chuckle about the ZEE toilet paper-i remember when i actually looked for blue tp to “match” our bathroom! hahahahaHA! hilarious. different colors of kleenex were a “thing” back in the day too. eye-yi-yi-lol your such a sweetie to do this Patty-O (Patty/Oprah) thanks a bunch-big hugs!


      1. PATTY!!! i just opened your over the top-generous-extravaganza of goodies from the giveaway!!! i wish you could have heard me as i “oohed & ahhed” over every piece-i am blown away and wanted to say thank you SO much for doing this!! your packaging is always an added bonus – it truly makes it feel like a present, you have such a gift for adding special touches 🙂 i have a few ideas ‘percolating’ on how i am going to use all the delicious ephemera….but for now, i just want to sort thru it over and over again! yum! may the kindness and goodness you shared with us be returned back to you my friend 🙂 🙂 big hugs xoxo


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