Art Journaling: Using My Photos

Many of you know that I like to use “real photography” in my art journals. Sometimes my own, sometimes other people’s. But, for the most part I use them for memory keeping.

Even though these are memories of my garden or a trip to the garden center, they don’t fall under the heading “memory keeping”, at least not any more. I’ve decided to start including them in my shoppe ephemera packs.

My latest “ephemera pack mood board” “Wild Things”, now available in my shoppe.

 Check out that albino squirrel, the raccoon doesn’t know what to think “What the what!”.

An art journaling page with some of the ephemera pack leftovers.

I love the challenge of seeing what I can do with random bits. The big green swirly sticker in the background has been bouncing around my art room for well over 10 years. The stamped piece along the sides was a scrap of sticker paper was experimenting with. I used black and white florals on clear sticker paper to blend the elements a bit.

A photo I took at our local Botanical Gardens a couple of years ago. Some of my favorite pix to take are where it looks like a Hobbit or a bunny might pop out.

I have already started including “my photos” into my ephemera packs.

My dream is to get through most of my vintage ephemera and make packs with my own “makings” in them, a lot like my “Curated Art Findings” ephemera packs. (as of this blog post I have only one left, they really like these in Canada for some reason.)

I spent a whole day gathering, organizing and editing photos. I will write a post on how I edit my photos and what I used make them into polaroids if you’re interested, just let me know in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “Art Journaling: Using My Photos

  1. Oh Patty, your photos are spectacular! The one you took at your Botanical Garden with the fern actually looks like it has a bunny in it! On the left side, near the tree trunk, the leaf looks like a bunny ear-lol! And that raccoon does look ‘puzzled’ at the albino squirrel-hahaha

    And how fun as well as satisfying to use pieces of ephemera that have been ‘hanging out’ in your art space for 10 year-i LOVE that! Your creativity, art journal pages make me swoon! thanks for sharing another inspiring post 🙂


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