Well, I did A Thing…

…and then I did another thing!

After much deliberation, I decided that was time to make a few decisions about what I spend my time on. With my husband having retired, living closer to my daughter and grandson, and needing to work on my house, my time has really become a precious commodity.

There are all those things that tend to linger in the back of one’s mind about what projects are really worth the time, and social media just kept creeping to the back burner…actually, behind the stove and gathering dust bunnies!

I spent the last couple of months staying off social media to ponder about how I wanted to downsize the whole thing. As you can see, my Blog made the cut! But my Instagram and Facebook did not. Facebook gives you a 30 day grace period to change your mind…I didn’t need 30 days!

I’m still thinking about my YouTube channel, editing videos is super time consuming, so that’s still on hold.

About my blog:

I’ve decided that I’d really rather post anything creative that I’m working on here rather than dealing with the META algorithms, truth be told, I’m too lazy to play along with them anymore.

So, for the foreseeable future I will be changing things up a bit. Because I don’t have as much time to work on art projects that I used to, I’ll post when I can. The project I really need to work on is Memory Keeping, so I will be sharing my progress and documenting tips and ideas. Also, I belong to a group called Fussy Cuttin’ Cuties (here’s a link to their app) They are a super fun group that have online retreats, printables and “lives”, it’s a very active group! I’m pretty involved with them and will be posting photos of projects now and again. I made a journal for their “Cutie Camp” and will be sharing that over the next week or so.

I just wanted to check back in and let you know what’s been going on, my thoughts about my best social media fit, and where my blog is headed. Thank you all for following my blog ramblings through the years, and I hope you will stick around for a little newness.

As always,

Thanks so much for stopping by,

See you soon,


8 thoughts on “Well, I did A Thing…

  1. Hi Patty! Enjoyed your blog post (as always) I’m right there with you on “recalculating” my course regarding time, how I choose to spend it, priorities, etc. I decided at the first of the year I needed to make some adjustments so I could have more time to do the ‘things’ I want to do in a day… Stepping back from social media sites is how I began to carve out more ‘me time’, it hasn’t been easy but at the end of the day, I am more productive and feel a lot better. So, I applaud you and your decisions!

    I found myself falling down too many rabbit holes, there is so much ‘out there’ that was pulling me in different directions, it just gets to be overwhelming. Time is a precious commodity as you say, it sounds like you have made some excellent choices with a retired hubby, grandson and daughter nearby, plus focusing on your little nest/home.

    Thank you for all the years of your time, creativity, and inspiration. I am thankful to you and grateful for you! Anytime I get the email notification of a blog post by you is always a treat. Be good to yourself and do what you love! thanks for sharing friend 🙂 hugs


    1. Thank you so much for your comment Jenny, it is so awesome to hear from you, you were definitely missed! I almost reached out to you to check in, but didn’t want to seen intrusive.

      “…focussing on your little nest/home” I LOVE that! Every time I downsize a little more I feel lighter, now if I could translate that to my waistline…

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      1. Oh Patty, your reply just brightened my day, I am smiling 🙂 you could never be intrusive to me sweetie pie. I credit the one and only Patty Radish for much of my creative endeavors, style, and enjoyment! Wouldn’t it be marvelous if our downsizing of ‘stuff’ would indeed translate to waistlines. I concur with that for myself as well! hahaa LOL


  2. Hi
    I wondered were you were! Glad I saw this.
    Your posting here will work.
    I’ll look at the Fussy Cuttin group,too.
    Thanks for you colorful ideas!


  3. patty…so happy to see your blog post pop up in my email! love the photos that you posted and the message! my husband retired in march and i’ve noticed that my creative time has diminished…but i am so enjoying spending time doing “US”things! re-evaluating my projects is crazy and confusing…but kind of freeing too! i’ll be checking your blog regularly to see what you’ve been up to! hugs…babsy


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