And Just Like That, I Lost Interest…or not

My problem is that I have too many interests! When I loose interest it’s usually because I see a new shiny object, creatively speaking, and run with it. I have this weird fear that if I don’t jump on something when the muse calls, I’ll forget about it, so I usually have too many projects to work on at the same time…it’s a whole thing.

So, the only reason I “loose interest”, is because I’ve come up with something new to add to all the other interests.

Case in point:

I created this page a couple of weeks ago, then I created another one (future blog post), then I had the bright idea of combining them together with another page spread to write about different art journaling styles…then I started working on a huge ephemera pack idea for my shoppe…ya, that’s how my brain works, like a kid at the fair!

But now I have a couple of blog posts in the can so to speak, so that’s kinda cool!

Anyway, as far as writing about different art journaling styles fits into this one just fine, because that’s the point. Sometimes I like kitsch, then I’m in the mood for soft neutrals or nature or fairies.

I have found that most art journalers have a particular style and stick with that, I’m all over the place.

I know that there are all kinds of labels out there for the way my brain works, but I’m not a huge fan of labels, never have been. So, I’ll just flit around, making messes, cleaning them up, then making more.

In other words…embrace my inner 10 year old!

Here’s hoping you’ll make time for your inner 10 year old this week,

Thank you for the visit,

Talk to you soon,


7 thoughts on “And Just Like That, I Lost Interest…or not

  1. Love your pages!
    I’m just like you Patty, jumping around different projects and pages.
    But my problem is that I see way too many fun products and kits that I end up purchasing them and then get overwhelmed on what to work on. It’s sad but true so I keep working steady on my gratitude journal and then incorporate other stuff into it. So at least I
    Creating! I love your blog. Thank you for the great inspiration 😊


  2. Oh girl! We are so much alike in this respect!! I love aaallll kinds of papercrafts and have a hard time sticking with one thing until it’s finished. I have several projects going now that are in different stages of completion. Here’s to our inner 10 year old selves!!


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