Going in a Different Direction

This little journal has gone through more than one incarnation. It started as a “List Journal”, you know “30 Days of Lists” or the olde “Listers Gotta List” by the Reset Girl. I participated just to have an excuse to decorate my journals…and to play along, but I quickly lost interest in the list making part (kinda the point!)

So, I tore most everything off the pages to start from scratch, it was (is) a mess. Pages stick together, some even have holes. I’m not sure if I love a challenge or just like to torture myself, the jury’s still out.

Anyway, I (it) needed to go in a new direction…

…not just with this journal, with my world view.

Over the past few years I have really let the divisiveness in the world get to me. I didn’t realize how much it was affecting my general attitude and mental health.

Now, I realize there isn’t much I can do to heal the rifts on our planet, but I can step away, do some personal soul searching, pay attention to how I respond, and try to understand other people’s points of view.

I don’t have to agree to understand!

So, I’m filling this journal with visual inclusiveness, dropping borders, and adding small fragments of love…

..and trusting the process!

Every time something comes up that makes me a little anxious or disappointed with the world and it’s shenanigans, I spend a little time playing around in this little journal. The only down fall is this journal is inspiring me to make another one that is just a ‘visual journal’ (no journaling), and I really need to get on with finishing up the journals I have first…

…oh what the heck, I’m starting a new one right now, I deserve it! (I’ll share it soon).

I hope this post made sense. I’m trying to say something that is a bit difficult to talk about without potentially rubbing folks the wrong way. So, I hope you get what I’m trying say. I’ve had this blog post on the back burner for a few weeks trying to find the right words, and I’m still not sure I was successful.

I’m work in progress!

As always,

Thank you for your time,

Have a great rest of your week,


4 thoughts on “Going in a Different Direction

  1. It’s your blog, your journal, your life. You don’t have to mind if some folks take it the wrong way or don’t understand it/you I think. We can never please everyone anyway, so no need to try, just do what is right for YOU! You go girl!

    Love these journal pages!



  2. I feel what you are saying so much. I love that you are doing this! One of the best things that we have now is the encouragement for us to care for ourselves, mentally and emotionally. Using our creativity that God has blessed us with is a perfect way to do that! Love and hugs!


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