Junk Journal January Days 13-18

I have been having a heck of a time keeping up with all the things that I want to do, so sharing here has been a bit of a struggle. I almost blew off posting the rest of this project because it’s already February. But, I’ve decided that this challenge was way too much fun to shelve…

…So let’s press on shall we.

Day 13: “Hobbies”

I have had so many hobbies over the years, I was amazed when I took the time to write most of them down. I ran out of room in that little “Tally” piece. They are as follows: Macramé, Doodle Art posters (the original coloring for “big people”. I hesitate to use the phrase “Adult Coloring”, it makes it sound a bit sordid), Wreaths, Quilting, Crochet, Art Journaling, Gardening, Stitchery, Planner Decorating, Memory Keeping, Vintage Pottery Collecting, Thrifting, and a few things I can’t remember right now.

Day 14: “From the Day”

Since at this time all I was doing was working in this journal, and drinking tea, there wasn’t much to glue to the page. We all had our interpretation of the prompts. With this one I kept thinking “Remains of the Day”, a project I participated in many years ago where you art journal with the paper pieces you accumulate throughout the day, with journaling.

Day 15: “Barcode”

I went into a different direction with this one “Anti-Barcode”. I love finding things in the thrift stores that still have the original price tags on them. I peel them off and use them on my pages, so I had a lot of fun with this one. I was inspired by other participants to use alternative “barcodes” by adding some striped tissue paper.

Day 16: “Folded”

Another page spread inspired by Joie De Fi. It’s awesome how you can create a larger surface to work on in your journals with this technique. This is where I started my second journal for this project, so I decided to change the look little bit (less Kitsch).

Day 17: “Top Five”

Decided to list “Top Five Art Supplies”: Florals, Butterflies, Stenciling, Tissue Paper, and Coffee/Tea Dyed Papers

In this second journal, I included a smaller “half page” between most of the larger pages. This made working in this journal fun, but a little daunting because each page spread had a smaller page to work on. So almost every page spread has two photos to go with. This is part of the reason I almost decided not to share anymore of this project…

These posts are super photo heavy!

Day 18: “Maps”

This page spread was so much fun! I tore/cut the map pieces to fit across the “half page”. Again, I’m using up so many supplies that I have had but really didn’t have the inspiration to use. This particular page got an honorable mention by one of the challenge’s hosts in an Instagram post 🙂

So, that’s six page spreads (and 10 photos) quite enough of one post. It’s funny, I never thought I would complain about having too much content to share!

Until next time,

Thank you for stopping in,

Talk to you soon,


2 thoughts on “Junk Journal January Days 13-18

  1. I’ve really enjoyed seeing your progress with this challenge Patty, thanks for taking the time to share and include pictures 🥰 Congrats on the mention by one of the hosts on Instagram👍

    I’ve always felt a little “squeamish” when I say I enjoy ‘adult coloring’ …. I wish it could be called something else! I usually say ‘coloring’ since adding ‘adult’ does feel ‘sordid’ How nice to be using supplies and bits/pieces you already had, less you will have to put away-that’s a win! Have a great rest of the weekend💐


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