List Journal Restructuring

This little journal came about when I decided that I needed a break from the ListerGottaList challenge because I had overextended myself, and something had to go. I was about 5 pages into it when I decided to take it apart. There was still some gluey-ness on the pages and they were sticking together so I decided to start working on it because I knew if I just put away, I’d pull it out someday and say “What the heck!”, of course forgetting the back story.


I just started throwing down anything I could lay my hands on to cover the stickiness, added some journaling pieces, and started writing away! Apparently I had a lot on my mind, because I filled four pages in one sitting!


My journaling was a bit on the “angst” side, so please excuse the covers.


I feel as if doing the Listers challenge gave me permission to keep my pages a little on the simple side, a nice thing when writing is what you want to do most.


Lots of random colors and bits, a few pieces of washi tape, and I’m happy! As you can see, my last entry was on the 12th, I think it’s time to get back to it!

Hope your having a great day,

Thanks for stopping by,


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