Jumping Back Into #ListersGottaList Challenge

First, I turn my August listers journal into an art journal, then I turn my neglected gratitude journal into a listers journal. It sounds like I can’t make up my mind, because I can’t!


This list had a lot to do with my reluctance. Once this one came up, I lost my enthusiasm…for lots of things. I’ve been torn between feelings of  joy for having had the opportunity to tell my dad how much I love him, and sadness for having to say good bye at the same time.

All the emails with the ups and downs of his condition, along with so many cards I had made him, made this whole project hit a little too close to home.

(that photo of the rose was taken at his hospital, also where I was born)


For some reason I felt as if giving up on this project was like giving up on moving on, and my dad would have none of that if he knew! So, I decided that it’s time to get back to it, and I mean from the beginning!


Because I am trying to catch up on three weeks worth of lists, I’ve been working on this steadily all weekend. All I can say is that it has really been a great experience! The list prompts are helping me look for ways to be grateful.


It also helps to decorate the pages like I do my junk journals. Using random crap out of my catch-all containers.


I’m almost caught up, about eight pages to go. I’m going to try a new list group next month called 30daysoflists, so I’ll be sharing about that. I’m not sure if I will do listersgottalist too, at this point, I hate to say one way or another because I may change my mind again!

Until next time,

Thank you for the visit,

Have a great week,


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