This Weeks Planning Decoration

Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to decorate my InkWell Press Planners, but I always feel as if I’m neglecting them some how if I don’t. Sounds odd, I know. So, this week I thought it would be a little quicker to use up some stickers in my decorating.

IMG_9120I have to say  I’m pretty pleased with the results. This week has kind of a muted nostalgic look to it. I credit this month’s IWP Planner color scheme for that.

I used sheets of washi from Michael’s for the individual backgrounds. I just cut them to size.


Our 31st wedding anniversary is on Saturday, I loved putting this page together! We are planning to go visit our daughter over the weekend, not too terribly romantic, but at least we will be getting out of the house!

Most of these stickers are from Hobby Lobby, but some have been discontinued. 😦

IMG_9127The first part of the week in my business planner. Seems pretty obvious where I’ve been spending most of my time this week!

If I didn’t track what do all day, I’m afraid my days would just blend into some kind of vague memory of being busy. I think some how what I put on paper sticks with me better, a bit like journaling.

IMG_9123Again with the anniversary goodness. I have picked up the habit of one to do list on the weekends, so far it’s been working out. I think I’m going to stay with this sticker thing, the trouble is I want to buy more now! What a surprise, eh!

Well, we’re off tho the other side of the mountains tomorrow! I’l be getting some much needed grandbaby snuggles!

Hope you have a great rest of your week,

Thanks for stopping by,


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