Finishing My “Reconstructed” Art Journal

 I first wrote about this little art journal back in August. I have managed to get an art journal finished in one month!

That has to be some kind of new record for me!


I’m thinking it was because I just had fun with it! No expectations, just use up as much randomness as possible! That photo on the right is from a lovely visit I had with my daughter last year.

I love using keepsakes in my journals!


I have a lot of stuff that has been laying around waiting for a home since last year, that “Grow” sticker for example. I pulled that out of one of my DIY planners at the beginning of the year.

I loved it too much to just toss it!


Here’s something a bit different for me, no journaling. A quote card that was tucked into the memory board above my desk for the past year. I’m going to use these quote cards more often! Some people may say “What’s the point?”, but I revisit my journals for ideas all the time.

I’ll be seeing that again soon!


The last page. I have already journaled my way through this journal! I so enjoy decorating the pages when I have the urge to be creative, then having them ready when I have the urge to write!

There are a few more journals I need to get finished up, and that is what my next plan is. I’m getting quite the little library of finished journals!

Thank you once again for your visit,

Have a great rest of your week,


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