Catching Up on My “30 Days of Lists” Journal

Doing two list challenges in one month would seem a bit daunting, but I had decided to keep this one kind of simple, so it hasn’t been bad at all!


 Days 4 and 5.

But, I did need to play a little catch-up here and there. I’m really enjoying the list making as much as the decorating surprisingly enough.


Days 6 and 7.

Putting odd sized pages in this journal was a fun idea. I’ll have to do this more often!

IMG_9020Day 11.

Using up the mass quantities of die cuts I had bought this year has really helped things move along. Ready made embellishments makes things go a bit faster. It seems as though I can’t use anything unless it’s been sitting around for a while (…me shaking my head!)

IMG_0341These list are just another way to journal as far as I can tell. Instead of writing what’s on my mind, I’m thinking about bits of my life that would have probably past me by. But, I’m sure that seasoned list challenge folks have already figured that out!

Well, back to work on my lists…and my decorating…and my…

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Have a great Day,


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