My White Color Crush Decor

Yesterday, I received one email too many talking up the Creative Holiday Planner Workshop! Because, I could resist no longer! I am so glad I joined! What eye candy!

Although I didn’t decorate this planner for the Holidays, I was inspired to finally get my white Color Crush decorated.


Looks a bit Autumnal with the gold and reds. I believe I’m having a bit of fun with paper clips lately. It’s become somewhat of an obsession.


It all started with this dashboard and that awesome vase on the wall. Is that to die for or what!? I love staring at it! Gold vase, red wall, pink flowers, what’s not to love!?

This is my business resource planner, where I put any business educational info. Books, podcasts, class notes, etc., so I put an inspirational quote here and there.


My dividers. As you can see, I got out my vintage flower arranging book, LOVE! I threw in the paper clips to cover white space, so much fun!

IMG_9324 2

Yeah…in case you missed them…


Washi tape, post-its, note paper and more paperclips. I usually have plenty of this on hand, but it’s a great way to have the coordinating colors at hand  if I take it on the road, plus it’s cute!

So, like I said at the top of this post, I’m taking the Creative Holiday Planner Workshop. Because I don’t want to take apart any of my existing planners…do you know where this is going?…I just bought another planner! Ooops!

All I can say is that I just had an anniversary, and I know it’s exactly what my husband would buy me if I gave him the chance. And this is why I tell him not to buy me gifts. I always find something I want, then chalk it up to latest event. I’ll try not to milk this one for too long!

It goes without saying that I will be sharing my Holiday planner decor.

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