RadishBlossoms Shoppe News

Just in time for the first day of Fall this week, I made some cute little Halloween Tassel Clips for the shoppe!


Right off the bat, I created a combination pack. Clock wise from top left, the colors are Vintage, Classic, Candy Corn, and Harlequin.


Vintage Halloween, my vintage halloween ephemera was the inspiration for this color story.

IMG_9279Candy Corn! Need I say more? Yes, I realize many people don’t feel the same way I do about the taste, but you have to love the color!

IMG_9300Classic Halloween! I remember when these were the only colors you would see in Halloween decor…can you say “olde school!”


Harlequin Halloween, a very festive color combination! Love!

So, there you have it! A bit early of some maybe, but I’ve been seeing Christmas in the craft stores already, so I’m not too far off the mark!

If you find you can’t live without these, check out my shoppe. And please don’t forget the coupon code IGLOVE15 to get additional 15% off your entire purchase!

Thanks again for the visit,

Have a great weekend,


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