My Home Planner Decor

So, this post started out as a planner decor reveal, but has turned into something else along the way. Not quite a rant, but a little bit of a frustration.

I have been working diligently over the last week moving from my “Home” spiral bound planner into something much more convenient. I wrote about my frustration of keeping up with two Inkwell Press Planners here, and found the perfect solution…the Week-on-2-Pages digital download from the Plan2Create Etsy shop. Love!


Julie has a great Youtube channel, called Plan2Create, where she shows how she decorates these inserts. She really puts a lot into her videos, totally worth watching!

So, with that part organized, I thought it was time to personalize my Aqua FilofaxIMG_0349

I love Christy Tomlinson, and of course her Planner Society goodies, but when I open my planner, I want to be inspired by my own style, so I changed it up a bit.


A few slight changes here and there, mostly, the all important dashboard. Here is where the drama enters! I completely mangled the first decorative insert! It was so darn cute, but I tore it …fixed it…then completely spazed on the laminating, I couldn’t win! So, I started over again…


…and came up with this. I liked it, but it didn’t help me get over the disappointment of losing that first one.

The silver lining: as I was begrudgingly putting away the supplies I had strewn around my studio, some papers fell to the floor, “typical” I thought! Until I saw this piece laying there…


..and decided to start all over again! I love it! Even more than the first one!

My poor husband, if he only knew how much I want that stove! (oh, he probably does!) But as long as I’m baking pies, with or without high heels, he’ll be happy!

So, there you have it! Catastrophe abated…planner well and properly decorated..and all is well with the world…at least my part of it!:)

Long-story-longer, I love my new “Home” planner!

Thanks for stopping by,

Have a wonderful weekend,


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