Some #listersgottalist Organization

I have been enjoying this month’s ListersGottaList challenge more than usual, and I think it’s because I have been much more organized. Having a container to work from has made quite a bit of difference. No more searching around my studio for inspiration for that day’s decor, it’s all right there!


Last week, I took a couple of hours to go through this journal and lay down all the scrap pieces and journal cards. One of those mindless activities to do in front of a movie or favorite T.V. show.


  Having the basic layouts set and ready to go gave me so much more time to have fun and be creative. I even splurged a little on some new Halloween paper just to update my stash a little.


It’s funny how working on a project and making small changes here and there can turn into a process. I’m not sure how this technique will work on months with out a theme, but its worth a try

I think we all struggle with finding enough time to be creative, it always seems to go on the back burner! So having a plan, even with creativity, can really be a life saver!

I am actually going to start working on November’s list journal this week. I think it would be fun to do a  blog post to show the step-by-step process I use to build my pages. Hope that sounds like fun!

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