Thanksgiving In My “Holiday” Planner

I thought I should share the Thanksgiving decor in my Holiday planner before Christmas is upon us!

Sheesh, time flies when your a busy lil’ beaver!

As soon as this post is finished, I’m diving into this baby and getting some things written down before they fly out of my head!


I have to admit, when I open up one of my planners, planning completely disappears from my brain! All I want to do is play around in them…”Oooo, maybe this would be cute!”

But, I guess that’s what sticky notes are for.


Of course one of my favorite bits, flowers and yarny-ness!…and stickies of course!

Since the children have flown the coop, I don’t decorate the house much for the Holidays…probably because I’m too busy doing this!


I love a mini dashboard! I made this from a vintage floral arranging image. I added some flower rub-ons and an inspirational sticker.

Is it cheesy?!…you betcha!


This is super special! I have had this image from a Thanksgiving card for almost 30 years…seriously! The inside said something funny like, “Thanksgiving dressing has always been one of Sheila’s favorite Holiday traditions!”

I love finally having a place of honor for it after all these years!

So, I’m off to get planned up for the week!

Hope you have a good one,

Thanks for stopping by,


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