A Happy Mail Surprise!

I received this lovely Happy Mail last month, but it has been a crazy couple of months, so I’m just getting around to sharing it! I love getting things in the mail, especially when they are so wonderfully thought out, as to fit my style!

Vintage beauty and colorful kitsch, need I say more? Of course I do!


These are from the wonderful Jenny. They were all lovingly wrapped in kraft paper with their sources written on them and accompanied by several thoughtful notes and letters! Treasures indeed! Thank you Jenny, I can’t wait to use them! That whole “Why didn’t somebody tell me 2 years ago, Pyrex ovenware is 30% to 50% off!” rocks my world! I totally feel her pain!

I may leave the children’s cookbook as is and use it as an art journal!

Those stickers already have a special place in a particular journal I plan to share very soon!



These two groups are from my sweet friend Iryna in Belarus. She always sends me a beautifully eclectic collection of ephemera from her country along with a thoughtful handwritten letter! As I look through all of this loveliness, I think of where I might use each piece.

And because I have decided that I must stop hoarding my mail goodies, and start using them…


…I made a sort of commemorative page in my “Big” journal! This was so much fun! I will definitely have to do this more often!

As you can see, I stayed with a red food theme, with the exception of the ladybug and the rose of course! See the radishes? Iryna usually tries to include them in her mailings, Love!

I love the little girl peeking from behind the strawberries!

Do you have a special way that you store your letters? I’m not sure how to go about it. If you have any ideas on the subject, I sure would like to know about it!

Once again, thanks so much for stopping by,

Have a great day, it’s Friday!


5 thoughts on “A Happy Mail Surprise!

  1. yay! glad you liked the goodies patty, and i love the page you created 🙂 “a giggle a day keeps the glums away” tooo cute! for storing letters, here’s what i’ve been doing. i use a small 3 ring binder. i punch holes in the envelope and tuck the letter back inside of it. if it’s a card, i sometimes just punch the holes right in it and add it to the binder. if i add the card in the envelope, it usually sticks out a bit, so i use a paper clip to secure it. when the binder gets stuffed, i make a front and back cover, use binder rings, and transfer to that and start all over 🙂 i love going back and looking thru my “Happy Mail” journals. let us know if you come up with some other ideas 🙂 tfs


  2. This post and the commemorative page do make me giggle with delight! What looks like a pile of random paper bits gets transformed and – ta-da! Behold the beauty! And yes, I need to stop hoarding and start using what my penpals have sent! Have a good weekend!


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