And Then There Was One…

This post was supposed to be written yesterday, announcing the new Mini Journals in my shoppe, but I just didn’t have time…

…I was too busy wrapping and sending them off!!!

I made 10, and within 12 hours, sold 9 of them!

So, what should I write about?

Well, after the giveaway and shoppe makings, I managed to keep one for myself…


 I wasn’t quite happy with the messy layering I had done, so I covered most of it up with this vintage book image.


I thought this might be an awesome opportunity to work in it along with the people that have purchased them from me. So, once in a while I’ll be sharing some of my page spreads.

Some of the pages may seem too pretty to cover up…


…but others are perfect! I love those vintage illustrations, but the rest of the page is text. I’ve been using this mini journal to document the surprise visit from my daughter and grandson. He ate banana for the first time today and I thought that monkey eating a banana was a nice touch.

It’s time to back to my visit, I just wanted to check in and let you know that as soon as my loved ones head back home I will be starting on a new batch of mini journals for the shoppe. In the meantime, there are still a few list journals and “regular” sized journals left in my shoppe, some marked down even!

Thank you so much for supporting my shoppe!

Have a great day,


4 thoughts on “And Then There Was One…

  1. Wow! These sold so quickly! Because they are something to feast your eyes on. Your paper journals were the thing that got me hooked on your blog!


  2. hi patty, i love that you will be sharing some of your pages with us! the ones you shared today are darling 🙂 that monkey eating a banana is adorable and quite fitting. and YES-some pages are just too cute to cover up! i ran into that dilemma with the k and co smashbooks when they first came out. i would make tip-ins of what i wanted to “smash” and tape that page in (so the pretty page was left undone) i started making my own smashbooks with scrapbook paper i didn’t like that much. lol enjoy your family time. happy the minis were such a hit! i will watch for the next ones going in the shoppe 😉


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