My Quote/Collage Journal

Lately, I have been seeing quite a few art journaling pages on instagram that have been using favorite quotes as journal prompts. So, when I found this half finished list journal on my shelf a couple of weeks back, I thought it would be a perfect choice for my newest collage journal. And, since I was getting a late start for February, and having just received a Flow magazine filled with quote cards, I’d say it was providence that brought these elements together.


Some of these pages already had the “bones” of the collage in place, all I had to do is find a quote thats spoke to me and decorate. How fun is that!

I haven’t used journaling prompts before, I hadn’t felt I needed them, but some of these Flow cards made me think outside of my own head a bit, which is great, because I need the vacation!


This one may actually look familiar to some, just a reshuffle.


There is a definite theme of “Home” and “Simplicity” in my quote choices. Even my images, that’s an image of a burrow from a vintage science book on the left.


This tag is one of those things that floated around my room until it found a home. It’s made from the remnants of a painted page I cut down for a journal in my shoppe. With just a little cutting and decorating, it’s a great addition, and another excuse not to throw something away!


Adding tags that stick up from the page is a new obsession. Truth be told, I have been including these tags in my journal kits for a while now, and am just now getting around to using them myself.

I have been taking a break from my shoppe for this very reason, I come up with what I think is a good idea, but then not take the time to try it out. It has really been fun spending more time in my journals finding the things I love again!

IMG_2145Because the quote cards are such a large part of the collage, just a line or two of journaling is needed, or none at all, not all the quotes need commentary.

The red piece on the left is another scrap piece from my journal makings. I like the balance of adding grunginess to the newish looking scrapbook paper and elements.

So, that’s it for now. I have shared many of the pages in this journal as a list journal, but I still have almost half of it to work on, so I share those when they are finished.

Until then,

 Thank you for stopping in,

Have a great weekend,


9 thoughts on “My Quote/Collage Journal

  1. YUM! i would love to hold your journals in my hand and just gaze at all the loveliness over and over. i can also see them printed and used as greeting cards! thanks (as always) for sharing patty. you are blooming with inspiration 🙂


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