Wilhold Keepsake Journal Love

In a previous post, I spoke at length about finding a Wilhold sewing box just like my mother used to have, which you can read here.


Isn’t she lovely!

It didn’t take long to figure out the perfect project for her to hold.


My Keepsake Stitched Journal project!


A tray of stitchery goodness!


With plenty of room for embellishments at the bottom!


My journal is made up of projects collected through the years made by my great grandmother, myself, and my daughter, with trims and embellishments from my mother and grandmother. Five generations of stitching love in one place!

In this photo, from bottom left going clockwise, an embroidery my daughter did when she was about 10, an embroidery I started when she was a baby, handkerchiefs from my mom, and lastly, the cover made from a quilt by my great grandmother. My grandmother’s contribution will be in the form of bits of jewelry, she was a bit of a glam girl, maybe some photos of her too!


My first finished page. I made the pages from linen sandwiched with thin quilt batting. Then closed it off with a blanket stitch all around. The linen is gorgeous to work with and makes a beautiful background for lots of stitching.

The above is an embroidery that I made many years ago that has had too many incarnations to remember. It’s nice to finally have a home for it.


A page in progress.

I have no intentions of rushing through this project, I want it to be just so. I hope to pass it along to my daughter some day, because I know she will love it.

I’ll be sharing my progress over the next few months. I’m open to any suggestions on resources or ideas, so be sure to let me know of any you might have in the comments. They will be very much appreciated!

As always,

Thanks for dropping by,

Have a great day,


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