Gratitude Journal Catch Up

 I have fallen so far behind on many of my projects lately. So, I decided to stay focused and take them on one at a time. This weekend it was my Gratitude Midori journal.


I absolutely LOVE my fabric doris, but I have to admit, I love the idea of having one real Midori with genuine inserts. No bling, paperclips, or tabs, super simple.

Just so you know how much work I had ahead of me on this, I had been entering my gratitude lists in, but that is it! No dates, no photos, and no decor since the 4th week in February! Yikes!

But, I was determined to see it through before I called it quits, I really felt this project deserved a chance. And, I’m really glad I did!IMG_3842

The first thing I did was stencil in all the dates. I was dreading this, but it went pretty fast.


Then, I went through 3 months worth of photos and matched them up to the appropriate weeks. It was a bit daunting, but well worth it!


Next, I added the washi and journaling. As you can imagine, the steps just became more and more fun as I progressed.


I learned many things by falling so far behind on this project:

1. I have a lot to be grateful for

2. This project is definitely worth the time

3. Including more photos of family and friends is a must

4. This has become my favorite journal!

Thank you once again for stopping by,

Have a wonderful week,


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