UnPlanner Update

Because this is literally the only thing I have been working on over the last week or so, it’s all I have to share! I have finally finished the first binder of three, January through April. It seems the more I work on them, the more I find to add, and the cleaner my room looks! Win!

I’ve kept each binder to 4 months each because I know I will find more stuff to fit in them. That being said, I may have to go to 4 binders. I thought I would show some favorites from each month in categories, starting with dividers…


I happened to be playing with spray dyes and stencils when I started this project and thought the pages would make great dividers. As you can see, I didn’t get very far with decorating from there, just stickers and doilies.


My weekly inserts. I love having an artsy place to document my daily creating. On the days I don’t do much, I’ll put a photo from the week. As you can see, I have been trying my hand at doodling, boy is it addictive!


These are some of my words of the month. I made a shaker pocket for April’s word of the month. I just punched the word “Patience” out of some scrapbook paper and threw it all in with some sequins. This was really about trying something new and using up materials, so fun!


A few of my PACs. I would love to be so caught up on these that I could make some extras to swap!

These have been a great way for me to step outside my comfort zone and learn some new techniques. An artistic shot in the arm that is very much needed.


Getting back into my sewing room and using up some  supplies has been such a great angel to this project. This challenge was to make a pocket and fill it. I couldn’t find my grommets, so I used some overall fasteners to hold it into my binder, It works great!


It’s hard to say what my favorite part of this project is, but this part is on the top of the list. This is where I keep all the fun stuff I’ve collected over the month. Cute business cards, tags, a note from a dear friend, tops from washi, and an altered room key folder. I keep a plastic sleeve in the back of each month, then pick from it at the end of the month. May’s is ridiculous, I can’t wait to get it done!

I’m hoping to write an update post for this project at the end of each month so that I can go into a little more detail. I’m almost finished with May, then it’s time to get started on June!

Once again, thank you for stopping by,

Have a great week,


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