“The Heritage of Unrest” Art Journal Video

Yay! I finally did it…again!


I made another video on YouTube. This is the page I did the process portion on. You will have to excuse my stilted voice on the video, I’m finding the hardest part is the voice overs. I’ve come up with a few work arounds, but I still need help. Oh well, I can’t let that stop me from trying.

Take a look when you get a chance and let me know what you think.

Hit this: Youtube to get there.

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6 thoughts on ““The Heritage of Unrest” Art Journal Video

  1. Great video! I love how you layer all the elements! Thank you for sharing your process and I have to ask – where do you find all your great images?!


  2. LOVE the video (i think your voice sounds great btw) the entire journal is gorgeous! enjoyed seeing your process for the page which turned out equally gorgeous, i thought the doodle looking flowers were in fact-your doodles! what fun tissue paper. i love your little collection of fussy cut images you have “at the ready” to add onto a page. tfs Patty 🙂


  3. love your journal enjoyed the video I get frustrated with people who talk talk and take up half the video telling us where everthing came from only complaint the music could be more relaxing look forward to your next one


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