I Need Your Input! (or getting to the heart of the issue)

So, this morning I had a yen to write a blog post, just like many other mornings in the past. The problem is/was that I had already shared these photos on Instagram and Facebook, and I didn’t necessarily want to “saturate” social media with the same material, I guess that’s kind of a taboo.

But, I find that I have more to say on a subject than what I can say in IG or FB, which finally brings me to my questions: Does it really matter, or actually bother anyone if I share the same photos on my blog as I do on other social media? Do any of you really see my photos any where else? (IG is a bit fickle) Lastly, should I continue to “share” photos from IG to FB? We’ll get back to this.

Now, on to some journal sharing…

This is a journal I put together with some lovely happy mail from an IG friend, @misbabsybarnes, her style is to die for! She quilts in the most awesome way, her decorating is Kitschy McFab, she’s a great art journaler, and her thrifty finds are over the top! I kinda like her!

Anyway, we shared some art journaling bits, and I came up with the idea of making twin art journals for the two of us. She’s been working on hers for a while, and I finally broke mine out recently.

That cover decor was a complete screw up of another project, but I couldn’t throw it away, I’m glad I didn’t!

A case in point of not having enough room/time/patience to write about in my IG sharing. This is an envelope that I included in the middle of our journals. I filled mine with the ephemera Miss Babsy sent me that would fit. It’s like my favorite detail in this journal!

I have a box filled with crappity-crap from around my art room that I pull from to do my pages, but I rely on this little envelope for a lot of the cute stuff.

A little mini page I made from a piece of painted background I use in my shoppe journals. I want the little gifts I receive in happy mail to be somewhere I can enjoy them once in a while, like that camera. That sticker is from a shop that’s no longer in business, which makes me sad, so I’m using them a lot in here to.

I did this page before we took off to see our daughter in eastern Washington. It’s kind of a Fall road trip theme.

The trip was very short, and this is my happy being home again page spread. My daughter is buying a new house, and the moving in day was moved back, so we came home the same day. It was a rough day of driving, so home sure looked good!

I can’t resist images like this of tall mid century buildings, especially with all that color, love! That background page is from what the “Art to the 5th” girls call “underpaper”, so I will too. It’s the paper I use to protect my work surface, and as you know, I don’t throw much away.

I love creating scenes! No, not in public, but with things I find and put together. All three of these images are from different sources.

Apparently, this girl is spouting off about something, and the little guy says, “Ya, talk to the butterfly, I’m outta here!”

…and so am I for now.

Please give me your opinion on those questions above, I really need your input.

I have a lot of lovely people in my life, but they don’t really take as much of an interest in my art adventures as my online friends (you) do, if you know what I mean.

So, let me know what you think,

Until next time,

Have a great day,

Thanks for the visit,





17 thoughts on “I Need Your Input! (or getting to the heart of the issue)

  1. Such a wonderful, colorful book! Personally, I just love the traveler’s notebook format (I am not a huge spiral spine, girl).

    I think that you could share the same thing on IG and FB and your blog without anyone complaining! I know that there may be some that follow you everywhere, but I am not a FB person so I do not see your posts there. But I do have my IG and Twitter posts go to my FB account so it looks like I am on FB and I can just worry about IG! I think IG is great for quick views into what you are into or working on. But I LOVE your blog for the extra details you provide. IG just isn’t a place where you can express your story. Overall, you could post everywhere and each person will get what they want out of it. And remember, not everybody is using all social media services.

    As always, thank you for sharing. You are so inspiring to me!


    1. Too true Sherry! I’m so glad to have had an opportunity to get all this feedback, it really balances out the impression I’ve had about who is really on Facebook and such, apparently not as many as I had assumed.

      Thank you so much for the wonderful compliment on my work! (I’ve become a bit partial too the notebook format too!)


  2. Good morning Patty, I love your work! Although I do not have a Facebook account and I am on instagram seldom, I would love to see your work everywhere. And because I don’t do Facebook, I miss so much if people don’t use they’re blog to post. So please continue to post on all of your social media. I’m delighted your back again! 😃


    1. Thank you so much Lou Ann! It’s funny how easy it is to think that the whole world is on Instagram and Facebook. I really appreciate your taking the time to give me your opinion on this. 🙂


  3. As I follow you on FB and IG as well as following your blog, I do sometimes see your images more than once. But it never bothers me when I do. As you point out, IG is very hit or miss with what we end up seeing, and FB is so full of all kinds of distractions. I love your blog because it gives you a chance to really dig in to what you’re posting about. I mostly let your FB posts alert me to a new blog entry. So please go ahead and post the same pics in multiple spots – I like your work so I always enjoy seeing it


    1. Thank you so much Megan! I love that you appreciate that I try to dig a little deeper into what I’m sharing with my blog posts. This is exactly what I need to be focusing on right now!


  4. Hi Patty.

    Because notice of one of your new blog entries comes straight to my inbox, I always read your posts (welcome back, by the way). I also follow you on instagram. I am not on Facebook.

    For many artisans, I only follow them on instagram. If their post interests me, I use their link to get me to their website/shop. To me, instagram is like the preview version of a full post. So…I presume that content and imagery will be the same in both places BUT I expect greater information on the blog.

    Hope that helps!


  5. I like reading your blog posts! Since I don’t have instagram or twitter – I love that your blog posts can be much more expansive. And my Facebook feed is clogged with a couple of people posting nothing but cat videos and political statements.


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