Stitched Art Journal

The other night I was feeling creative, but wasn’t in the mood to get out paper, small bits, and glue. I wanted to do some stitching, but that quilted runner in the corner just wasn’t speaking to me. So…

…I got out my stitchery journal suitcase. It’s been a looooong time since this has seen the light of day!

WARNING!  This is a pretty long (but hopefully fun) blog post, so grab a snack…or a pillow!

 A page I finished quite a while ago, but didn’t share here. I made a lot of copies of old photos onto fabric I’m happy to say, because I’m not sure my new printer will cooperate with fabric. Snippits of worn out stitched thrifty finds are perfect for these fabric journals.

This project is humming right along because I have so many embellishments from other projects I’m repurposing. I do that with my paper art journals too, I love having a stash of ready made decorating bits. The bird is clearly impressed!

Using up an orange lace flower from another project. I’m not sure what I’ll do when I run out of leftover embellishments! (actually, yes I do.)

This little Raggedy Anne has been looking for the right home for years. This is definitely her new forever home.

Are you still hanging in there?

Haven’t lost you yet I hope!

A piece of painted canvas fabric and a hand made fabric button. I’m slightly addicted to making fabric buttons. I even have a Wilhold button making kit now, I’ll share more about in another post.

I have a lot of those travel thread pieces left from my mom’s sewing stash. this is a perfect project to use those up in.

You never know what you’ll find floating around in that old suitcase of mine!

At last, the final photo. Thought I would show you a bit of the planning stage of my next page spread.

Truth be told, I wanted to share about this journal because I know that there are a lot of people that love shopping the sewing and crafting sections of thrift stores as much as I do, and we all need a little inspiration for some fun ways to use them up.

Also, I’ve been thinking about putting some “sewing notion” ephemera packs into my shoppe some day and thought I’d throw out some feelers.

If you made it to the end of this post without needing a nap, I thank you.

Please let me know in comments if you would like to see more posts of my stitchery journals, your feedback is always appreciated!

As always,

Thanks for stopping in,

Have a wonderful weekend,


12 thoughts on “Stitched Art Journal

  1. I know I’m a couple years late on leaving a comment, but I absolutely loved your journal! I can’t wait to try making one of my own ☺️


  2. I love your fabric journal and the idea of having a special suitcase for all your supplies is brilliant. All my “stuff” is scattered here and there which is frustrating to say the least. You are such an inspiration!


  3. I love seeing all the pictures of your stitched art. More please😄 Thanks for taking the time to put this post together and for sharing this fabulous project!


  4. Really enjoyed seeing your new fabric journal. What an inspiration you are to us learners. Loved it so much.


  5. i really enjoyed this post Patty, your stitched art journal is pure eye candy. i would also like to hear more about the fabric buttons. how did you copy photo images onto fabric? and that raggedy ann piece looks quite happy in her new home! it’s all darling!!


  6. No need to apologize about the length of this (or any other) post. This journal looks like pure joy! It reminds me of all the “stuff” I would collect when I was young…all the little stitchery projects I had going on…the doll clothes and little stuffed animals I would make. You put a big smile on my face ☺️.

    I would love to hear about your experiences with button-making 👍.

    Thanks, as always


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