C.C.Idea Book: Pocket Pages

Let’s do Pockets! Truth be told, I like making them even more than I like using them.

Hmmmmm…..interesting disclaimer.

A mix of Kelly Bangs’ “Let’s Get Crafty” and the “God For All Seasons“* collections

I guess could call this pocket a “horizontal” tuck spot. Just a torn piece of paper with a little decor. Clearly I’m a huge fan of tags, all of these were cut from the “LGC” collections scrapbook paper, holes punched, corners rounded, ribbon, yarn, twine…yeah, that’s how we do it!

I know that there are a lot of new and fun creative ideas for how to use a lot of this crafty paper stuff out there, and I think that’s awesome! But, those of us that really need to tuck in and use up some of our stash just need to get on it. It’s okay to keep it simple!

Paint chip tag in a library pocket

My base layer is as follows: a layers of gesso and paint, adhere some tissue paper with a glue stick (super easy), add a bright paper piece.

Decor: A tag made from a paint chip from the paint department (I never leave the local DIY without a handful!), washi tape, yarn, and a journaling spot adhered to the back. Ink stamped kraft colored paper with an ampersand and randomly punched with a circle punch, a paper doily, a large flower cut from scrapbook paper, and mixed of course with more pieces from Kelly’s collections.

Another Library pocket

Decorated with vintage ephemera, a scrapbook paper flower, a paper doily, tissue paper, and a mix of Kelly’s “Let’s Get Crafty” and “Southern Charm“* collections. One of my favorite uses for page tabs is on the tops of journaling cards. It’s decorative and easy to grab, and there’s room for a phrase/word strip.

This is the back cover to my journal. I made a “vertical” tuck spot with paper from Kelly B.’s June “Project Gr8tful“* papers…

…and stuffed some post cards in it.

You can store Happy Mail in there or use the backside of the card for journaling.

These were made with the usual suspects, scrapbook paper flowers, digital paper from Kelly Bangs and embellished with her “Let’s Get Crafty”* collection.

This journal was so much fun to put together and decorate. Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments, or if you’re a “Cutie” tag me in the app.

Until next time,

Thanks for popping in,

Talk to you soon…like tomorrow,


*I hope sharing collection names isn’t too tedious at this point, but I’d hate to leave out information if someone pops into these blog posts in the middle of the series. So, thank you for your patience on this point.

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