C.C Idea Book: Inclusions

In this particular style of journal, I added a smaller paper piece for some variety…and to use up paper scraps. Here are just a few ideas on how to decorate smaller inclusions in your journals.

I’m still using Kelly Bangs’ “Let’s get Crafty” collection. Seriously, I only purchased the paper pad and a stencil, and I still have tons leftover!

Anyway, I started this page with some heart stenciling. This particular stencil is from Vicki Boutin and may be discontinued but I found this Heart Stencil on Amazon, which I really like too.

The idea here was to try out a “Hexie Page” in this style of journal. I have tried many versions of Cutie Keepers (see my “Idea Book: Themed” blog post), but I have high hopes for this art journal version.

I love setting the hexes then filling the gaps with Kelly B.s florals and stickers.

A journaling page

When I use single sided paper in my journals, I like to print graph or dot grid on the blank side to journal on, and then decorate it up of course.

Some of this vintage ephemera has been bouncing around my craft room for years. That rooster looks like he’s telling the youngin’s to shut the heck up! “Seriously, one more peep outta you guys!”

I used Kelly Bangs “Southern Charm” for this page spread. Love my cowgirl cluster!

The sticker underneath the clip says “Free Range”, perfect!

Somebody tell me why I sent this journal off again!

Bye for now,

Thanks so much for joining me for this series,

Take care,


6 thoughts on “C.C Idea Book: Inclusions

  1. “One more peep outta you guys!” LOL. tfs Patty, such fun, inspiring and clever journal pages. I keep scraps of paper in a pocket at the front of my diary journal in case i think of something to add later or when i run out of room on a page and don’t want to start a new one. who am i kidding, i have a pocket of scraps in all of my journals for adding a bit of ‘extra’ to a page 🙂 many times it comes down to how much real estate i have-wink wink


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