So, I Did A Thing…

…and then I did another thing.

Did I tell you that I quit Instagram? I thought that I had mentioned it, but apparently not. In case you are interested as to why I ditched 3500+ followers on the IG’s, I just wasn’t getting the engagement I thought I should with that many followers.

Whaaaa!!! (<me whining)

As most people know by now, if you want to be seen on IG you have to make reels…I din’t want to make reels! …and then I did…after I killed my IG account!

Now it would make total sense that I would regret getting rid of my old account, but I don’t in the least. I’m not quite sure why that is, maybe I like the idea of a fresh start.

Well, cutting to the chase as it were, I started up a new IG account: PattysArtJournals Yes, the same name as the one long ago, not so new.

All I know is that I am having so much fun on my “new” account! I’m posting new pix of old journals and new page spreads, making reels, and just fooling around. I think the problem I was having with my old account is the pressure I put on myself to push my Etsy shoppe. You know that “Hustle” culture some of us less enlightened folks fell into.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share the reel I made for IG with you. You’ll have to add your own background music, I had enough trouble figuring out how to upload this video, Lol!

Hope you enjoy!

As Always,

Thank you for the visit,

Look for me on the IG’s if you’re interested,


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