Paying Homage

A little background:

Growing up, Queen Elizabeth was a big part of my world, you see my mom was a huge fan. She was an English history major in school, and we had shelves of history books about Britain and the Monarchy around the house. So losing the Queen hit home in a special way for me…I’ve always been a fan too!

I knew that I wanted to pay tribute to her in some small way, so I gathered up a few bit and bobs and came up with this:


Vintage images of Queen Elizabeth II from the internet, a photo of Balmoral Castle printed on clear label paper, postage stamps, and a quote.

Act 5 Scene 2 of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, and quoted from King Charles in his first address to the country about losing his “Mum”, (and one of my absolute favorites.)

I’ll never forget how proud my mother was when she told me about watching the coronation of Queen Elizabeth when she was young, several times! (sorry about the photo quality, my printer is a stinker!)

A stamp of her parents, I wish it was in better condition, but I’m so glad it found a home. This is a simple page, but a sweet keepsake and I’d like to think my mother would appreciate it.

Thanks as always for stopping by,

Have a wonderful week,


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