Junk Journal January

I’ve decided to jump into Junk Journal January, hosted by megsjournals and Get Messy Art on YouTube. I have really needed a jumpstart on art/junk journaling for quite a while, and I hesitated about joining a daily challenge, but I’m having so much fun watching all the videos and playing in my art journals again!

From right to left:

My mini art journal keeper, there are three more journals in there right now that need lots of work in. A little J.J.J. organizer, I saw Katheryn from Art Paper Joy mention her’s in one of her videos, I thought it was brilliant! I keep the prompts, ideas for page spreads, and I even paper clipped little envelopes with corresponding ephemera in it. Then the little journal I’m working in for this challenge. There is only enough room to up until day 20 in there, but it’s already getting puffy!

Day 1 Prompt: Resolutions

Decluttering, Downsizing, Organizing, and Decorating

Pretty much the same resolutions I’ve had for the last 5 years at least! I chose images of homes that I thought looked clean and organized, added some fussy cut vintage wallpaper, a couple of ephemera pieces (the blue and white sticker pealed off of our ancient kitchen cupboards), and those little scrapbook ephemera pieces are a few of my personal resolutions.

I have to say that it was fun to put resolutions to paper, I’ve not done that yet.

Day 2 Prompt: Starry

Scrapbook paper ephemera pieces, doilies, “starry” looking paper pieces, and dots of white glitter Stickles.

Because I jumped into this challenge about a week in, I didn’t have enough time to put a lot of thought into supplies. So, I’m pretty surprised at how I’ve been able to make things work. Maybe next time I’ll be a little more prepared.

Day 3 Prompt: Stained

What exactly is the difference between “Dyed” and “Stained”? One is on accident and the other is on purpose? That’s a lot of stained dyeing! I try to keep a good supply of coffee, tea, and food coloring dyed paper stuff on hand. I have a whole process I go through when supplies run low. I’ll try to share that some time soon. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty impressed that I actually did some page marks. I never do that because it never seems to come out the way I see other people do it, they make it look so easy…and cute! Maybe I just need more practice, and less self criticism.

So, these are the first three days. Not only have I been playing catchup on the days I missed, but I have been keeping up with the days we’re on also. I made a video of “Day 12” that didn’t upload to YouTube until “Day 14” because of our creaky, rusty internet, so that was kind of a fail. Oh well, if you are interested in seeing that, here’s the link: “Junk Journaling January: Day 12”

I’m going to try to post all my pages with corresponding drama until I’m caught up. You may ask if this sounds like it’s worth all the work and angst. If I’m dusting off olde art supplies, getting in some self care, and making a go of connecting with kindred spirits, I say YES! The best part of all this is watching videos, leaving comments and “likes”, and feeling like I’m a part of the online journaling community again.

So yes, I’m a bit frazzled right now, but I feel like I’m on a new/olde adventure again (with less energy) but I’m having fun, and that’s what counts, right!

As always,

Thank you for stopping by,

Talk to you soon (like 2 days),


4 thoughts on “Junk Journal January

  1. I applaud you Patty for Jumping (into) Junk Journal January! Good for you!
    It sounds like a very good fit đŸ™‚ Thanks for mentioning Katheryn at Art Paper Joy. I clicked over to her channel and she is delightful, I subscribed to her channel right away.

    The day 1 prompt has been an ongoing ‘resolution’ for me as well-lol. I hope you share your process when you’re running low on ‘dyed & stained’ papers, I never thought there was much of a difference between the two but thinking about it now, I can see there is.

    I’m going to watch the video you posted next, in the meantime continue enjoying this new/old adventure! It is all about having fun! Thanks for sharing, it’s all so wonderful!


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