Junk Journal January: Days 4-8

…some winners, and some…Well, I’d prefer to give them “Participation Awards”.

Day 4 Prompt: “Decorated Tag”

This is definitely a favorite. I ticks all the boxes: tags, color, botanicals, a bee, a bird, and a pocket. I just looked through my stash and found some tags and started decorating.

Pretty sure I could have done this for hours…wait, I did!

Day 5 Prompt: “Routine”

This one was a struggle. I thought I was working on a different prompt and realized I was working on the wrong page, I had a whole thing in my mind. But, I regrouped and made it work for the correct prompt.

Very vintage…and very beige!

Day 6 Prompt: “Stitched”

I had zero plans when I started this, so it took quite a bit of time to plan and create. First I looked for paper that looked like fabric, I was pretty lucky there. I noticed a couple of papers that had lace printed on them and came up with the idea for layers of lace, both paper and fabric. You can’t really tell, but all those pieces are stitched down by hand, guess I should have let the stitching show…ooops!

On the righthand side, I poked around in my sewing ephemera box and found those little fabric tags that I received in some happy mail so long ago I can’t remember who sent them to me, I’m so glad they finally have a home. The floral image is a vintage embroidery transfer. I just did a running stitch onto a tag and glued it on.

Using up stash for the win!

Day 7 Prompt: “Shimmer”

This is way out of my usual style, and when I saw this prompt I almost skipped it. But, I watched a few videos for this day’s prompt and started getting some ideas and to think of some of my supplies in different ways. I got out some shimmery gelatos, looked through my sewing ephemera box again (I had remembered seeing those little mirrors, I’ve had them for yeeeeears…!), then pulled out these awesome little die cuts I received in some happy mail last year.

The shimmery paper pieces were made by coloring onto packing material with the gelatos, then spreading each color around with a wet paintbrush. When the paper dried, I tore the colored bits out and they came out shaped like leaves, so I layered them to look like a plant. Perfect for the shimmery little insects!

I’m learning so much right now, my head feels a little fuzzy…information overload. But it’s all so much fun!

I will continue to post my J.J.J. page spreads throughout January (and beyond if I don’t catch up!) and I hope this has been as much fun or you as it has been for me!

See you in a couple of days with the next batch of pages.

As always,

Thank you for visiting,

Take Care,


2 thoughts on “Junk Journal January: Days 4-8

  1. Well done Patty! I’m on the sidelines cheering you on AND enjoying your progress!
    I’d say you nailed it, and then some, with every prompt. Hand stitching on the one prompt = bonus points in my world 😉 thanks for sharing your creative adventures with us! Looking forward to the next update 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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