Junk Journal January Day 9 Prompt: “Hidden”

The reason I’m posting only one page spread today is because I wanted to go into a little more detail with it.

I wish I could say that these prompts are easy, but I’m struggling a bit. And that’s a big reason why I’m still so far behind, as of today the 20th!

Of course my first thought was a tag, those are easy to hide…ok, now what? I looked through my bits and pieces and found this little hibernating chipmunk. The tag is a leftover piece from a shoppe journal painted page. I added a plant frond, a piece of dyed cheese cloth, and he’s done.

I made this little envelope from some coffee dyed bakers parchment paper, (that’s a mouthful!). Please comment below if you would like a process post for the envelope, that might be fun. It was a bit fiddly to put together, but I love how it turned out. I decorated it with the words from the chipmunk’s book page, added a botanic image and some lace I inherited from my mom’s stash.

(Does anybody else feel like that chipmunk right now? We’re finally getting some sunshine today!)

This page was a little more difficult to figure out, but it finally came together. A piece of dictionary page with the definition of “hidden” tucked into some torn scrapbook paper with a floral image spanning into the little inclusion piece. As you may know, I usually have a collection of fussy cut florals on hand, so that saved a bit of time.

Full disclosure: I usually lift, tear, and shift pieces after glueing them down to get them positioned the way I want, that poor bug almost lost a limb or two in the process.

Hidden behind the envelope is a journaling spot and an owl…looks like a good reason for the chipmunk to hide!

That owl piece is a leftover from a previous art journaling project I abandoned. As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, I do that quite often. Many people paint over journal pages they don’t like or want to hide their journaling, so it’s not unheard of (she keeps telling herself (3rd person self talk, eh)). I do mostly collage, so I tear things out and reuse them as embellishments, it’s actually quite convenient, I should make some more up on purpose.

Well, that’s it for today. I’m probably going to be back tomorrow, I’m actually up to Day 15 in real time…not page 20! Yikes I better get a move on!

As Always,

Thanks for stopping in,

Talk to you soon,


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