Junk Journal January Days 25-30

My last post for Junk Journal January and I have mixed feelings. I miss participating with so many people from so many places around the world, it was fun being a part of such a large project.

Day 25: “One Colour”

These birds inspired my color choice, I absolutely love that parakeet! I prepped the page with gesso then stenciled the geometric dots in gradations of blue paint across the page. I used the neutral moths? butterflies? to fill in space… and annoy the birds.

Day 26: “Wordy”

I had so much fun with the paint gradations on the “One Colour” page, I experimented with rainbow colors across this one, using a stencil of random words, then did a few black paint splatters.

Day 27: Earth Tones”

I really struggled with this one. I googled “Earth Tones” and it looks like it’s anybody’s interpretation…so this is mine. Paint scrapes, fussy cuts and postage stamps, the usual suspects.

Day 28: “Antique”

Thais one was fun! The book I used was from 1927, so not really considered an “antique”, whatever, I’m a rebel. Children’s book images, stenciling, fussy cut florals, and a little ephemera cluster…keeping it simple.

Day 29: “Musical”

I found a page from a music book titled “January” and thought it would be perfect, unfortunately the photo isn’t. I’m going to have to pull out the “artistic license” on this one because I’m too lazy to take a new pic. Truth be told you’re not missing much, but I couldn’t leave a hole in the group, if you know what I mean.

Day 30: “Unexpected”

I had a lot of fun with this one. I started with those images of children singing, I thought they looked as if they were amazed at something “unexpected”. I had a plan with a few things I had gathered, but then looked at my mess of a desk and decided to use what was already spread across the surface. Sometimes those are the best page spreads, making do with what’s at hand. I was amazed at how clean my desk was when I finished.

I even filmed the process:

YouTube Video

One of the easiest videos I have ever filmed. Intro – high speed creating – outro… easy peasy!

I hope you enjoyed my Junk Journal January adventure as much as I did! I’m still working away in my art room making fun things to share. Participating in J.J.J. has really jump started my creativity, along with following lots of new creators on YouTube and Instagram. So much inspiration, so little time…and energy!

Until next time,

Thanks so much for stopping by

Much love,


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