#the100dayproject…and more

The “Junk Journal January” challenge was such an encouragement for me to get my art journals finished up, I joined another one. It’s also a daily challenge, but without the prompts, and it’s for anything creative. Actually, I took a couple of days off to work on some crochet, and counted those into the challenge…

…that seems to have been a popular decision, cuddles abound!

The good, the bad, and the finished!

This weekend I spent a little time decluttering and organizing the room that I use to film my YouTube videos. I wanted it to feel a little more inspiring than just an extra room with a bed, so I turned it into art journaling central. I shifted things around and made this shelf to house some of my finished art journals. I can’t fit another journal in, that’s a little scary. Especially when I had purged a few of my journals when we moved into this house!

Last week I had spent a day or so creating some pages ahead of time so that I didn’t fall behind with the challenge while working on other projects, and I wanted to share some of them here before posting them to Instagram. If you want to see my pages the first few weeks of this challenge, the link is in my sidebar. I always feel a bit cheesy when I post photos here that I have already posted to the IG’s.

All of these pages are made from pieces I pulled out of art journals that I had changed my mind about. And now I have quite a pile of collage clusters ready and waiting to fill my pages. So, not only have I knocked unfinished projects from my list (art journals), but I can quickly pull page spreads together. Win!

Along with plenty of collage clusters, I have also splurged a bit on painted background printables from my new favorite shop: ArtPaperJoy, (please go check her out).

Another quick addition to my pages is painted masking tape (upper left side of page). A video of how I make painted masking tape is up on my channel if you’d like to take a look:


This page was half finished before I added this collage cluster and the flower.

Gesso, a tinted dictionary page, scrapbook paper, collage cluster. I’m on a roll!

Update on the internet sitch: we switched companies and our internet is above and beyond expectations now! I do too many things online to be in a constant state of frustration. Definitely one of the best decisions we’ve made in a while.

And now that it dosn’t take hours or days to upload, I’m working on getting more things into my shoppe (including “curated art” ephemera packs soon), making videos (I started a new series, the first installment is up on my channel), participating in this 100 day challenge, decluttering, organizing along with all the home/house/family doings…I need a nap!

I think that’s about all for now. Although I have a lot of things going on right now and I will try to check in more often with the latest.

Until then,

Thanks so much for stopping in,

Talk to you soon,

Much Love,


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