New Video Up…oh the drama!

I started filming the video of this page on Wednesday the 15th with the highest of hopes. Finished filming it on Friday and started the upload to YouTube at approximately 1:pm.

“Okay”, I thought, “This should be up and ready by Saturday morning.” I woke up Sat. morning ready to write this blog post announcing “Another Video Up!”, but this was not to be!…it was still at 3% almost 24 hours later.

Are you kidding me?!

Oh for my goodness sake! Really!

Anyway, I packed up all my gear and drove to Starbucks to see if their internet a was any better. It was but how many coffees can one drink in one day, so I left at 35% after about 2 hours. Progress, but not what I was hoping for.

So, the next morning back to another Starbucks to see if their internet was better, not really. So, after about an hour and a half I packed my up my gear and went to a local coffee shop in town to see how that would work. It was awesome! It finished loading in about 30 minutes!

Moral of the story: blow the dust off your bank account and pay for better internet service Patty!

The End!

Oh, and here is the link to my video “Journal with Me: Backgrounds and Decor”

Love you guys! 🙂

4 thoughts on “New Video Up…oh the drama!

      1. You are SO correct.
        I am bad for not giving you a heads up!
        (Kids says, my bad)!
        That’s me.
        Vintage ring would be fun!!


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