Well, I Finally Did It!

After much trepidation and angst, I finally made a video for Youtube! The logistics were holding me back, who knew a $10 clamp arm would do the trick. I’m going to be honest here, my olde brain doesn’t navigate technology very easily. So, this was quite an undertaking, but I did it!

Check it out, I even figured out how to put into my blog!

(Please excuse the overuse of “tidbits”, I was a little nervous. I was pleased with everything else about this video and didn’t want to redo the whole thing over one word.)

I’m hoping to do some process videos soon, I have so much to share at this point, it might get a bit out of control!

Meanwhile, I’ll be making more of an effort on this little blog in future, I miss all of you guys a lot!

Until next time,

Thank you for stopping in,


11 thoughts on “Well, I Finally Did It!

  1. WOW!!! That was fabulous!!!! I can’t believe this is your first video. I’d love to hear your sweet voice a bit more…. the music sort of masked it a bit. Thanks for sharing your journaling process! I love that you write things in it that are special and you want to focus on.


    1. Thank you Emie! Good call on the music! I figured things out a bit better and made a new video, it’s up on my YouTube channel if you’d like to check it out. Let me know what you think!


  2. woohoo!!! i just subscribed to your youtube channel and gave the “thumbs up” 🙂 well done Patty!! this is so exciting. great to hear you and see the video of your journal. crossing fingers you will do some process videos-just keep em coming! lol. and i luv the word “tid-bit” – it could never be used too much 😉 congratulations on doing this 🙂 and i second the previous comment….thank YOU for sharing more of YOU with us ❤


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