Yep! Another Video!

Well, I guess this video thing is going to happen on a whim. I woke up yesterday and just felt like making one. You can find it here.


In it you will learn a little bit about this collage journal I have been working on this summer.


And a little bit about my page making process.

I hope you like it. Please let me know what you think.

See you soon,


9 thoughts on “Yep! Another Video!

  1. Hi Patty Am loving your videos, they are so informative and it’s good to see your process, because the finished pages are so cool. It’s great how you zoom in from time to time, to let us see a pencil or piece of ephemera up close. Keep up the great work!


  2. Wow, this was great. I have also purchased a few of your journals, one is filled to the brim and another is partially filled. There is something so completely relaxing about paper, glue and some pencil/pen. I love the old postage stamps and bits of paper, and images!


  3. So happy to see this video. Your process is so simple yet the end result looks beautifully complex. I bought a small journal from you several months ago. I really love it.


    1. That is so awesome to hear Barbara! The only thing “complicated” about my pages is the fussy cutting of some of the elements, and that can be meditative (if you have the right scissors) Thank you for buying one of my journals, that makes me smile!


  4. Watched it, loved it, subscribed! Loved seeing your process. I’m fascinated by your use of pencil, and love the brayer tip! Can’t wait to see and learn more!


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